Treatment Plant

Plant Operation

On June 11th 2015, the first treated water from Ogden City's new water treatment plant was delivered to town. This marks a new era in the city's water supply and a significant upgrade from the previous facility. The new Treatment Plant is able to produce 13.5 million gallons of water per day (MGD). The Plant operates seasonally to meet peak demands in the summer months. The newly constructed Plant is expandable to produce 17 MGD to meet future needs. The plant utilizes microfiltration technology to produce a more reliable and safer quality of water.

Award Winning Design

The Ogden City Water Treatment Plant has received a prestigious honor. The Plant won the 2015 Utah Construction and Design (UC&D) Most Outstanding Project for Water. UC&D annually honors projects from various industries throughout the State. Other recent awards received within Ogden City include the Ogden Clinic at Harrison and 46th Street, BDO Sewer Outfall, and the Weber State Public Safety Building.

Plant Construction

The project was selected due to the challenging nature of its construction. The new Water Treatment Plant was constructed partially during winter months when peak water demands are low. The early stages of the construction occurred while the old plant was still operational, creating challenges on the tightly confined site. The many architectural features of the plant, including the large window and huge truss it required, were also recognized. The design and construction team featured Gerber Construction, Sunrise Engineering, CRSA Architects and others.