Maintain Access to Your Water Meter

Meter Accessibility

Ogden City requires that access to the meter box be maintained by the home owner. The meter box ring and cover should be accessible at all times. This will help us if we need to access your meter for maintenance or emergency shutoffs due to broken pipes and leaks. If you notice that the meter lid is loose, ill fitting or missing please contact us to report it.


Trees, Bushes & Plantings

Trim bushes, trees, and grass that block the way or cover the meter. During the growing season, plants can cover a water meter box very quickly.
Please minimize plants in the area which meter readers must travel to get to your meter. We would like to avoid any accidental damage to your prized plantings.


Keep pets away from the path that leads to your meter.
If you have a guard dog for security, please let us know so that we can make sure that our meter readers and other utility personnel are aware of this.
We may ask that you arrange to confine the dog during the days that our crews will be in the area.

Objects That Cover or Block Your Meter

Please make sure that no objects cover or block access to the meter box. Items we have found blocking water meters include cars, trailers, garbage cans and recycling bins, construction equipment or supplies, landscape bark, rocks or gravel.

Locked Gates

If your meter is located behind a gate that is normally kept locked, please contact us to arrange access. We often obtain keys from customers who wish to secure their property. And, as long as the lock is accessible from the exterior of the gate, this presents little problem for our meter readers' access.

Your Address

Please ensure your house address is clearly displayed on your residence. Proper display of your address also assists emergency personnel who may need to find your home in a hurry.