Why Conserve?

Prevent a Water Shortage Crisis With Water Conservation

Water is a limited natural resource. We are not able to reliably predict precipitation rates from year to year, leaving us uncertain of the amount of water that will be available for human consumption. Additionally, a quickly growing population adds to the risk of entering a water shortage. If we can reduce our individual water-use now, we can ensure that there will be enough water to go around for future generations.

Compound Effect

Conservation efforts have a compound effect. If each person reduces their daily water use, the benefits add up to a significant amount. Don't assume that because you are only saving a little water, you are not making a difference. Think of changes you can make in your daily routine to reduce your long term water use.

Thank you for your interest in water conservation. Please spread your knowledge of water conservation with friends, family, and neighbors. Remember that when you live in a desert, every drop counts! View a presentation about using water efficiently.