Demonstration Garden

Water Conservation Garden Sign

Learning Partnership

Ogden City partnered with Utah State University to design and construct the new Ogden City Conservation Learning Garden located in MTC Park just off of 1750 Monroe Boulevard. The purpose of this garden is to demonstrate the beauty that can be achieved by using native and water efficient plants to create a colorful and aesthetically pleasing landscape in Utah's dry climate.

Showcasing Options

When the learning garden is complete, it will feature a walk through area that will showcase three different gardens of moderate, low, and no water use areas. It will also feature "how to" areas with signage that will teach the public about the different watering needs of different plant species. One of the "how to" areas will demonstrate how to make park strips look attractive while using very little water. 

The garden will also be hydro-zoned, meaning plants will be grouped together based on watering needs. A rustic rock path and steps will be constructed as well as a gazebo. Once construction is completed, planting will begin.

Current Projects

The central walkway is constructed and waiting on finish work. Additional rock work, signage, and planting will start in spring.