Water Contamination

Resident Assistance

One of the efforts toward a clean water supply is something residents can help with directly. The city's entire water supply can easily become contaminated from backflow or backsiphonage. This happens when non-drinkable water is pulled back into the pipes due to a change in water pressure in the system. For example, a garden hose left submerged in a pool or fish pond may pull the non-drinkable water back into the pipes in a resident's home if the water pressure changes.

Pressurized Systems

Water supply systems are pressurized in order to enable water to flow from taps, showers, and faucets in homes. However, when water pressure fails or is reduced or reversed as may happen in the case of a water main burst, a frozen pipe, or an unexpected demand on the water system, the pressure in the pipe may be reduce and may flow backward allowing contaminated water to be drawn into the system.


To prevent backflow from happening, residents can use simple and inexpensive ($5 to $10) atmospheric vacuum breakers which attach easily to hose bibs. For help with installation and maintenance, contact an Ogden City backflow technician at 801-629-8384.

Minimizing Risks

The City has approved ordinances and regulations relating to backflow and cross-connections that minimize the risk of backflow and help ensure our drinking water is not at risk for a backflow incident.