Ceremonial Recognitions

Recognizing People, Organizations, and Causes

An individual or group may be formally recognized through ceremonial recognitions (resolution, proclamation or citizen recognition award). The Mayor is generally invited to participate in these recognitions. 


Resolutions recognize the collective efforts of an individual, group or organization. 


Proclamations designate the focus of a specific day, week or month in Ogden City. 

Citizen Recognition Award

Citizen recognition awards note the contributions of an individual, group or organization, for either a long-standing contribution or a specific act within 12 months of the recognition. 

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Compass Award

The Compass Award is a rarely presented recognition given to individuals, groups, or organizations whose collective contributions consistently went above and beyond expectations and have benefitted the citizens or the city significantly. Recipients of the award exemplify and embody a strong sense of volunteerism, civic pride or commitment to bettering the community demonstrated over time. They demonstrate exceptional leadership and service to the community, making Ogden City a better place to live. The Council determines who receives or is eligible for the award. There is no formal nomination or application process

At the Meeting

During the City Council meeting, a Council member will read the ceremonial recognition. If it is a resolution or proclamation, a vote will be taken. The Chair will then invite the individual or group being honored to come forward and receive the recognition and be congratulated by Council members. The recipient(s) will then have the opportunity to comment and have a photo taken with the Council.

Recognition Requests

Recognition requests will be reviewed by Council leadership. To request a recognition, you can fill out this form, contact your Council member, or reach out to the City Council Office at 801-629-8153 or citycouncil@ogdencity.com.