Mental Health Resources in Ogden City

There are several not-for-profit mental health service providers locally available to assist Ogden City residents through various challenges. Service and contact information for a few of these is included below. 

Clinical Consultants

Mental Health and Treatment Services

Address: 2661 Washington Blvd., Suite 102, Ogden
Phone: 801-621-8670

Family Counseling Service of Northern Utah

General Counseling Services, Adolescent/Youth Counseling and Evaluation 

Address: 3518 Washington Blvd., Ogden
Phone: 801-399-1600

George E. Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home

Physical and Emotional Healthcare for Military Veterans 

Address: 1102 North 1200 West, Ogden
Phone: 801-334-4300

Midtown Community Health Center

Counseling Services, Mental Health Information/Education, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities 

Hope Community Health Center  
Address: 269 West 33 Street, Ogden           
Phone: 801-393-2742 or 801-626-2645

James Madison Elementary Health Center
Address: 781 25th Street, Ogden
Phone: 801-395-5355 or 801-626-2645         

Weber Human Services

Emergency, Crisis and Mental Health Services 

Address: 237 26th Street, Ogden
Phone: 801-625-3700