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College Town Better Together
Ogden City and Weber State University (WSU) established the College Town Initiative in 2012. The initiative has led to an ongoing partnership that opens new doors to future opportunities and collaborations.

This partnership has resulted in the adoption of a College Town charter, the creation of various working committees, further integration of university and city life, and a strong coalition.
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    Salty Magazine Highlights Arts and Adventure in Ogden

    Writers and photographers present Ogden through a different lens where art meets adventure in the first volume of Salty magazine, found at numerous local businesses and The Corner on 25th and Washington Boulevard. Read on...
  2. MountainBiking

    Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit Celebrates Ogden's Outdoor Recreation Businesses

    This year, the Utah Outdoor Recreation Summit was held at Weber State University, in the heart of Ogden City. A panel featured Ogden's major outdoor retailers, explaining why they selected to do business in Ogden. Read on...
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    Ogden City's Business Information Center Provides Loans to Local Small Businesses

    The BIC is the city’s answer to entrepreneurs needing business resources like capital opportunities, technical assistance, and business development counseling while partnering with the Suazo Business Center and Weber State University Wildcat Microfund. Read on...
  4. Rosie Project Team: Amanda McCrea, Beth Rhoades and Aniza Brown

    Northern Utah Tech Programs Geared Towards Women Create a Stronger Ogden Workforce

    Tech-Moms, a technology program geared towards women, is not only teaching website coding skills and assisting women into the tech workforce, but also creating a community. Read on...
  5. Terminal_Front

    Ogden Hosts Northern Utah National Security Symposium

    The national security innovation industry is rapidly growing in Northern Utah, and Ogden City is pleased to sponsor the inaugural Northern Utah Security Innovation Symposium to highlight this growth and a positive path forward. Read on...
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College Town Defined

The definition of “college town” varies from community to community across the country. The street definition has a lot to do with “look and feel” and depends upon whether you are a student, faculty member, resident, retiree or tourist. Components of the definition include:

… when the university has a dominant impact on all aspects of life within the community.

… a town that caters to students by supporting the university’s sports teams and art & cultural events,
and develops fun, creative places for students to explore.

… great college towns have a spark that comes not only from young blood, but from jazz clubs, literary
events, book stores and cafes. They are intellectual,cultural and economic hubs balancing tradition with
new business growth. They mix urban amenities and small town charm.

… college towns have a vibrant arts scene, a commitment to intellectual growth and strong economies. They are places where alumni want to live and employers want to locate.

Waldo at Council Meeting

College Town Charter

On Oct. 1, 2013, Ogden City and WSU held a College Town charter signing to formalize an ongoing partnership. The charter includes the adoption of a vision statement and provides a structure to sustain continued relationships and coordinated efforts. It creates a safe place for dialogue on any topic between the city and university.

Vision: Our community is known as a unique and vibrant place where Ogden City and Weber State University mutually pursue economic, educational, recreational, social and cultural initiatives. This effort creates pride and tradition that bind college and town together.
College Town Advisory Committee

Community Partnerships

WSU has worked with Ogden City and local organizations for more than 125 years to provide quality programs and educational opportunities. As a result of these efforts, the WSU Center for Community Engaged Learning received the esteemed 2015 Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. This acknowledges WSU’s long-term commitment to the greater Ogden community and the university’s dedication to teaching students through community-engaged learning.

Not wanting to have a strong college-town relationship all to itself, Ogden also invited other cities to become closer to their university. Ogden City and seven other nearby cities have adopted a Keys to Our Communities resolution to generously welcome the university into their neighborhoods. Officials expect that additional cities and counties will join as well. 

Community Events

The initial energy of this partnership came as a result of a joint effort to plan a community celebration in honor of former WSU basketball star Damian Lillard, who was selected by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Three community celebrations honored Lillard, and Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell presented him with a key to the city.

The city has since partnered closely with the university to host numerous homecoming events and downtown
pep rallies. The WSU Athletics Department has also been generous in providing complimentary tickets for city employees and public safety officials to attend football and basketball games.

Weber State Downtown

Ogden is nationally recognized for its historic downtown area. The university and city partnered to restore a 1920s building into a truly unique future-focused space. 

Weber State Downtown now offers convenient access to a university bookstore, ticket office and Continuing Education courses.

Entrepreneurs and business startups have also leased space for brainstorming the next big idea. 
Weber State Downtown

College Town Progress Report