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✅ This is not an emergency. 
✅ This occurred within Ogden City limits.
✅ There aren't any known suspects. 
✅ This did not occur on Interstate 15.
✅ This is not occurring right now. 

If you answered
NO to any of these statements,

please call Dispatch at (801) 395-8221

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Using the system will allow you to submit a report immediately.


  • A map of the City Limits can be viewed by clicking here.
  • Please note that all reports submitted to the Ogden Police online reporting system will be reviewed.
  • After the report is submitted a determination will be made for POSSIBLE follow-up.
  • In most cases, no follow-up will be conducted as there are no suspects and the case will be closed.
  • You must provide a valid phone number in either the home/cell or business/cell phone # fields of the online report for follow-up contact.  Additional information needed or possible follow-up contact will NOT be made online through your email address provided.
  • Filing a false police report is a criminal offense and will be investigated as a class “A” misdemeanor by the Ogden Police Department.
  • Please note that when using a mobile device to file a report, you may experience technical difficulties.

By filing your report online you agree to all of the above listed statements.

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To obtain a copy of your police report you must contact the Ogden Police Department Records Bureau at 2186 Lincoln Ave. You must provide valid, Government issued ID to access records. Records maintained by the police department may be classified as private, protected or controlled, in accordance with the Utah Government Records Access Management Act, (GRAMA). At the time a request is received careful consideration will be given to ensure all federal, state, and local laws are followed. 

  • Reports are $25 per copy
  • Victims may obtain one free copy of a report in which they are listed as the victim.

If you have questions on your report you may call the Ogden Police Department Records Bureau at 801-629-8067, Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. The Records Department is closed on weekends and holidays. 

Please review the incident categories listed below carefully by reviewing each definition and example before making a selection. The incidents below are the only ones that may be reported at this time. If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ.

 If you feel that you are part of a case of Identity Theft please click here.

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Barking Dog: If a dog has excessive barking that is causing a disturbance to another person.

City Ordinance Violation: Any City Ordinance violations that are not generally covered in the Utah Criminal code.

Damaged Property: When property owned is damaged, destroyed or defaced by force.

Follow up/Supplemental: When victim has additional information to be added to an initial criminal report.

Graffiti: When property owned is damaged or defaced by/with spray paint or similar damage.

Harassment by Communication: When victim receives repeated communications via phone, cell phone, text or other means that are unwanted or threatening in nature.

Identity Theft: When identity of a person is used/taken by a suspect without permission for the purpose of criminal activity.

Intelligence Case: Information that is obtained from the general public for the possible investigation of a criminal or suspected criminal offense.

Littering: When a suspect without the permission of the property owner, disposes, discards, dumps or throws away any property on the owners property.

Lost/Missing Ogden City Owned Garbage Cans Only (Green or Blue):
 When you are unable to locate your Ogden City assigned garbage can (Green or Blue) to your Residences/Apartment.

Lost Property: When victim loses property that is not the result of a criminal offense.

Suspicious Activity: When the conduct or activity of another person/vehicle arouses the suspicion of the general public.

T-Case: When citizen suspects possible drug activity

Theft: When items or property are removed from an unsecured location without the owner's permission.

Trespass:When the suspect enters and/or remains on or inside the property of another without permission