Exchange Zone

Ogden Police Exchange Zone Lines
Ogden Police Exchange Zone
  1. Physical Address
    2186 Lincoln Avenue
    Ogden, UT 84401


Looking for a good place to meet when buying/selling items? Or for child custody exchange? The Ogden City Police Department has reserved two parking stalls close to the Francom Public Safety Building at 2186 Lincoln Avenue.  The two stalls are clearly marked “Exchange Zone” and located on the northwest side of the parking lot. The area is in full view of security cameras in order to facilitate a smoother exchange. The video footage will not be monitored live, however, the footage can be reviewed by the police department if the need arises.

The Ogden City Police Department wants to assist residents with their purchases and exchanges in order to try and help prevent them from being scammed or robbed. Ogden Police are hopeful that meeting a stranger in a public place, while being recorded, will make residents feel safer. Police also hope that this peace of mind will extend to those parents who need to exchange custody of their children.