Street & Sidewalk Damage

Street Damage

If you are aware of street damage (broken asphalt, potholes or other hazards), please contact our Streets Division at 801-629-8271.  

If the damage is located on a State Road, please contact UDOT Region One offices at 801-620-1600 to report the damage.

Report a Pothole Link 

Sidewalk Damage

If you are aware of sidewalk damage (lifted panels, breakage, holes, etc.) please alert our Engineering Division by calling our Concrete Engineer at 801-629-8998.

Once we have been notified of the damage, one of our engineering staff will make a field inspection of the site. Damaged sidewalks are repaired throughout the City according to the severity of the damage and budgetary allowances.

Ogden City also offers the 50/50 Concrete Replacement Program, which allows homeowners to expedite the repair process by sharing in the costs of repair.