City & State Roads

Ownership & Maintenance

Did you know, not all the roads in Ogden are owned and maintained by Ogden City? There are actually three categories of roads within Ogden: private roads, city roads, and state routes.

Ogden City is responsible for city roads; and in fact, for liability, safety, and privacy concerns, Ogden City is not allowed to plow, construct, or perform maintenance on any streets other than designated City owned streets.

When asking about construction status, snow plowing, or upkeep and maintenance on a particular road, it helps to first know who owns the road.

Private Roads 

Private roads (shown in yellow) are streets that have not been dedicated to the city for public use. A private road will most often have a blue street sign. These roads are maintained either by a single property owner or a homeowners association.

City Roads 

City roads (shown in dark grey) are all streets dedicated for public use within the city, with the exception of state routes. Ogden City maintains all city roads. Comments and inquiries regarding city road projects should be directed to Ogden City's Engineering Division by phone at 801-629-8990 or by email at  

Maintenance issues including snow removal, street sweeping, and asphalt repair can be answered by Ogden City's Streets Division by calling 801-629-8271.

State Roads 

State routes (shown in red) and US Highways are state-maintained roads, usually extending through the city and beyond to other cities. Within Ogden, there are nine State Routes including Washington Boulevard, Harrison Boulevard, and 12th Street, and two state-maintained institutions (Weber State University and Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center).

Additional Information

All construction, snow removal and other maintenance on state roads is done at the sole discretion of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). Comments or inquiries regarding state routes, should be directed to UDOT Region One offices at 801-620-1600.