Contribute to the Collections

The Museum is thankful for the many donations to the collection we have received over time; however, we cannot accept unsolicited donations or pass unsolicited donations on to another institution.

If you have objects that you believe would complement our collections – either as donation or purchase - please send a description (including the size, content, condition, historical significance, and provenance), as well as photographs or scans of the objects to our email and indicate if you are offering it for gift or purchase. Or you can fill out our online collections donation form here.

All possible new acquisitions are reviewed monthly by the Museum's Collections Committee. The committee makes decisions based on relevance to the Museum's mission and scope of the collection. Due to limited storage space and other resources, not all inquiries are approved by the committee. This means the Museums at Union Station reserves the right to accession or to decline to accession any item that has been submitted for donation consideration.



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