What Happens After a Complaint is Filed?

Once we are notified about a concern at a property located in Ogden City.  We contact the property owners to remedy the situation.

Sometimes fixing the problem can sometimes be a lengthy process. Code compliance concerns private property owners, and by law they must be given due process. Once we contact the owners, we are required to provide 15 days to fix the situation. After the 15 days have passed, they can be issued a citation and given another 15 days to clean up the property. If there is still not sufficient progress made at this point, Ogden City might be able to clean up the property at the homeowner’s expense. If we are unable to clean up the property through our abatement process fixing the problem can become very lengthy.

We sympathize with your concerns and hope we can quickly resolve the problem. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns or to see what progress is being made. We appreciate your patience with this process.


Ogden City Code Services