Software & Technology

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The software and technology industry sector is driven by Ogden’s local, homegrown technology companies and the growth of the defense-tech industry emanating from Hill AFB. Ogden’s homegrown software and technology sector includes businesses from multiple industries in various stages. Local software and technology companies provide services to businesses down the street and around the world are a key component in the City’s economy.

As the Air Force continues to invest in and implement advanced software and technology to support their mission and systems, the defense-tech sector has grown in Ogden. Two software initiatives out of Hill AFB are based at the Startup Ogden coworking space: SkiCAMP and EDDGE Advanced Development. These two initiatives perform software development for various programs at Hill AFB, with a focus on user-centered design and DevSecOps.

Software & Technology By the Numbers

  • 663 Businesses

  • 5,957 jobs

  • $64,403 Avg. annual wage

  • 4.3% job growth 2010-2020


Occupation Empl. Avg. Ann. Wage
Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers 778 $92,300
Customer Service Representatives 440 $34,000
Computer User Support Specialists 301 $62,000
General and Operations Managers 245 $97,900
Computer Occupations, all Others 201 $88,300
Computer Systems Analysts 183 $84,800
Computer and Information Systems Managers 164 $129,900
Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services and Travel 164 $66,100
Computer Programmers 135 $74,200
Web Developers and Digital Interface Designers 127 $50,800
Remaining Component Occupations 3,181 $58,700

Private Sector Employers

Firm Employees
Wex 100 to 249
DAKCS Software Systems 20 to 49
Trust Brands 20 to 49
Tukios 50 to 99
Kadince  20 to 49
PDC Flow 10 to 19
WebNX 10 to 19

Education & Training

2,200 students complete computer & information science and computer & electrical engineering programs at area colleges each year. These colleges include: 

  • Weber State University
  • Utah State University
  • University of Utah
  • Bridgerland, Davis, and Ogden-Weber technical colleges

Pathway programs at local high schools include Engineering and IT. The State of Utah is also developing a new Tech Pathways Program to provide high school students with training and internships.

Industry data sources: JobsEQ Q2 2020; Utah Firm Find