Ogden Brand

Ogden Brand Character

Ogden’s brand is characterized by the legacy of an untamed past and the application of that spirit to a “can do” attitude of personal growth: preferring dirt over pavement, wilderness over refinement, and not focusing on impressing others. It is moving on from the rough and tumble decades of the early twentieth century to pushing the envelope of personal achievement. 

Ogden’s brand is in its people. We are fiercely independent and unafraid to shake things up; we do not take no for an answer once we have set our minds to something; we are innovators; we are diverse; and we are unconditionally welcoming.


Ogden today is a much different place than it was 15 years ago. A genuine “Renaissance” has occurred due to zoning and land use changes, business recruitment, and increased investment. What began as a graffiti cleanup crew, turned into a downtown business alliance. Once the downtown area became more approachable, community events were created to draw the public. Residents and visitors alike began to feel the imminent resurgence happening within Ogden. Today, Ogden is nationally recognized as the most egalitarian city in the United States, for having one of the best streets in America (Historic 25th), and as a great place to raise a family and for business and career.

Need for New Brand

While Ogden has experienced incredible change in recent years, old perceptions have been slow to die, at least outside of the Ogden area in Utah, and the City’s messaging has been inconsistent, with the use of numerous disparate marks, logos, color schemes, and messages city-wide that are inconsistent and confusing to residents, visitors, and businesses.The Mayor and City Council recognized that Ogden needed help telling its incredible story and creating a unified, cohesive brand strategy and marketing approach.

Branding Process

Ogden launched a community-involved branding process in early 2016 that included an assessment, research, and analysis, including an online survey that received an overwhelming response from 1,712 people, group interviews with nearly 100 individuals from various sectors of our community, and the engagement and input of a Brand Development Team, consisting of numerous community stakeholders and area residents. 

On September 20, 2016, the City Council and Mayor adopted through joint resolution a brand strategy, style guide, and strategic development and marketing approach. 

Request to Use the City Logo

The Ogden City logo is a trademark of the City. Reproduction or use of the logo without the prior written consent of the City is strictly prohibited. Click here for additional information on requesting to use the City logo.

Style Guide and Resolution