Adopt a River

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About the Program

The Ogden Adopt-A-River program is designed to help keep the river clean and healthy, to educate the public on the dangers of noxious weeds and pollution, to raise awareness and to further our preservation efforts along our Rivers.

This program is perfect for individuals, families, schools, neighborhood groups, scout troops and business organizations - we invite anyone who cares about our environment, our river and our community to Adopt a River.

Clean Up Events

Each year, Ogden City sponsors two clean up events, one in May and the other in September. We ask that major Sponsors make a 5 year commitment to participate in these events and also visit their section two or more times a month to help maintain the river. Upon request the City will provide garbage bags and dispose of them after maintenance is completed.


Click on the Web App above and select the section you want to adopt!  Once you are approved. You can start to make a difference to our community and our environment.

Why is Our River Important?

The River plays an important role in the ecosystem. Its water carries nutrients and nourishes life along the river banks. We depend on clean water to drink, to wash in, and to irrigate crops. The river serves as a channel to prevent flooding by draining surface water.

Rivers also provide many opportunities for recreational and leisure activities such as: swimming, fishing, kayaking, photography, bird watching, or strolling along river.

River Restoration Project

The Ogden River has been heavily impacted by industrial and residential growth.

During the restoration project, 13,000 tons of concrete, glass, shopping carts and automobiles were removed.

Native Vegetation

Several types of native vegetation were planted to buffer pollution, reduce channel temperatures and provide aquatic food sources for fish.