Ogden City Fraud Hotline

Welcome to the Ogden City Fraud Hotline. The Fraud Hotline provides citizens, employees, contractors, and others that interact with the city an avenue to report concerns about city activities that are potentially improper, including the following: 
  • Waste or misuse of public funds, property, or workforce
  • Violations of a law, rule, or regulation applicable to the government
  • Abuse of authority
  • Unethical conduct
How Do I File a Complaint?                                                                                                                                             
Complaints should be submitted in writing in accordance with the outline below. Use of the outline will allow complainants to effectively communicate essential information. Complainants should also submit any evidence that supports the complaint. Due to limited resources, complaints that are not specific in nature or that are not well supported by credible evidence will not be accepted. 
Complaints may be submitted via one (or more) of the following methods:
           (Please provide all information outlined below.)

           (801) 629-8158
           (Please provide all information outlined below.)

           US Mail:
           Ogden City Council 
           Attn: Fraud Hotline
           2549 Washington Boulevard Suite 320
           Ogden, Utah 84401

           On-line Form
           Completing the on-line form will automatically submit the complaint.

What Information and Data Should I Provide?
To establish the significance of reported concerns, it is important to provide credible information and, where possible, substantiating data with each concern. Essential information includes "who, what, where, when," as well as any other details that may be important. Contact information for witnesses, supporting documentation, and other pertinent evidence are also key. Providing specific examples and documentation that directly support the reported allegations will increase the likelihood that the City will be able to pursue and address the complainant's concerns. If the complaint is too broad, vague, or unsubstantiated, the City will not be able to perform an effective investigation and the complaint will likely be declined.

Complaint Submission Form
Please complete the online submission form, or if you are mailing the complaint, complete and submit the formatted questions below.  

Complainant Name:
Home Address:
Phone Number/email address:  

If you want to remain anonymous, you do not need to complete the personal information. However, you will not receive an update on the disposition of the complaint. 
  1.  What is the assertion of fraudulent activity?
  2. When and where did the event(s) take place? Please include dates (month, day, year), times, and frequency
  3. Are there any other persons who might provide information or who witnessed the event or activity? If so, please provide their names, positions, and their contact information. 
  4. Is there evidence that can be examined or documentation that can be reviewed? (Please provide any documentation you have)
  5. How did you learn about the alleged fraudulent action? For example, did you see it occur? Did you see documentation indicating it occurred? Did you hear about it from someone else?
Please attach supporting documentation, details, and all information available to support the complaints or concerns to the on-line form, email, or document to be delivered via U.S. Postal Service. 

Do I Qualify for Whistleblower Protection?
Utah Code § 67-21-3 prohibits public employers from taking adverse action against their employees for reporting government waste or violations of law in good faith, to the appropriate authorities. A public entity employee, public body employee, legislative employee, or judicial employee, is presumed to have communicated in good faith if they have given written notice or otherwise formally communicated the conduct to the Ogden City Fraud Hotline (see Utah Code § 67-21-3(1)(a) for more information). 
Will My Identity Be Protected?
The identity of the complainant is considered protected information under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) and will be kept confidential if requested by the complainant. Complaints may be submitted anonymously to the Fraud Hotline. However, we prefer that the complainant provide their name and contact information to allow us to ask follow-up questions, investigate the complaint thoroughly, and report the results back to the complainant.

What Happens After My Complaint is Accepted? 
A meeting of the Ogden City Audit Committee will be convened to review the complaint. If the committee determines there is enough evidence to substantiate the complaint, the committee will initiate an investigation. The investigation will be carried out by appropriate internal staff or an external agency, depending on the nature and subject of the complaint. 

If the Committee determines that there is a conflict of interest, the matter will be referred to the State Auditor's Office for review.