Ogden's Christmas Village presents Holiday Traditions

Ogden City appreciates our diverse culture and all the flavors it brings to our community.  Christmas Village is helping to share this with you!

Do you have a traditional holiday recipe you would like to share?   Please email recipe, picture of food, a little background of the recipe to staceyo@ogdencity.com. 

We may invite you to come be filmed preparing your favorite traditional recipe!

Guatemalan ¡Ponche Navideño!
(Fruit Punch)
by Silvia Higueros

Silvia was born in Guatemala City and moved to the United States in 2000.   She and her husband decided to leave their entire lives behind with the hope of giving their children a better future and safer place.   Utah became their home and they love it deeply.  
Silvia now works at Weber State University's Community Education Center promoting the Career Technical Education, CTE Programs, and advocating community members to gain access to higher education by assisting them with the enrollment process at WSU.

In Silvia's family, the recipe for fruit punch has been passed down from generation to generation.   It represents beautiful memories, nostalgia, and the joy of knowing that the family tradition remains alive.   Sharing this recipe with the Ogden Community means a lot to Silvia, not only because she is from Guatemala but also because this is a demonstration of the importance the city of Ogden attaches to its diverse social composition.

Watch Sylvia make this make this fabulous punch and download the recipe here.

All ingredients were purchased at Rancho Market, but can be found at most local grocery stores.

Enchiladas Michoacán's -  by Mother and Daughter Irma Hernandez and Irma Zavala

The Hernandez's moved to Ogden in 1993.   They were looking for a calm city, with good weather to raise their family.  They love all the season in Utah and the small town feel of Ogden.   

Enchilada Michoacán's is one of the favorite comfort foods.   When they came to Ogden, they could not find them anywhere so they learned how to make their own.   Enchiladas are served at all their family gatherings.

Watch the mother, daughter team prepare these amazing enchiladas and you can find the recipe here!

Irma loves cooking with organic vegetables, she says they bring a flavor more like home.   You can find organic veggies at Natural Grocers or you can find some organic in your local grocery store.  Some ingredients were bought at Rancho Market.

Gingerbread Cookies (Vegan Style) - by Kye Hallows

Kye Hallows is a queer small business person who co-owns Lavender Vinyl on Historic 25th Street.  It was established in 2016 after many years of digging and working in record shops in Utah and the Midwest.  Kye was born and raised in Utah and is a communications Weber State graduate from 2016.  Kye is married to the love of his life and has 3 adorable dog babies. 

Kye spent a lot of time learning traditional family recipes spanning from both grandmothers, mom's and dad's.   Baking became a passion, and veganizing all his favorite recipes became a short lived but joyous business adventure - Lavender Kitchen.   Although Lavender Kitchen is no longer open for business, the recipes stand and someday hope to be assembled into a cookbook.

Watch Kye make these delicious cookies and you can download the recipe here!

Kye loves shopping and supporting Ogden's little business's.  You can find all the ingredients at Kitchen Kneads or at your favorite grocery store!

Holiday Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad by Flo Bravo

Flo Bravo was born in Chile and moved to Utah as a child.   She is a proud WSU alum.  
Flo lives in Ogden with her husband and two kids.   She grew up cooking with her family and enjoys learning about the world through food.   She has found that food is a way to connect her American kids to their rich cultural heritage.   
Flo brings this salad to family holiday gatherings.   It pairs well with poultry, pork and beef and is also excellent on its own.   It is easy to prepare ahead of time and comes together quickly when you are ready to serve it.

Watch Flow prepare this festive salad and view the recipe here!

A special thank you to Craig Bielik and Jo Packham - Urban Studios on 25th Street

Jo Packham

Filming is done at the Urban Studios on 25th Street.   
This beautiful kitchen and loft space is available to rent for public or private events.  It is a place that will impress your friends, co-workers, business associates, clients and family.  
Jo Packham owner and operator of this amazing historic building on 25th Street is extremely talented.   She is one of the most creative and inspiring people and continues to amaze us with her ingenuity and dynamic design ideas.   If you have an upcoming party, meeting, or celebration, you have to check out this place.   It is AMAZING!

Craig Bielik 

Craig is the host of our show!  Craig Bielik has been Marketing and Communications Director with Ogden Regional Medical Center for more than 14 years.  In his off-hours life, Craig is also a professional Emcee, actor and has worked as a stand-up comic in the western United States’ comedy clubs, bars, finest truck stops and relief society picnics for more than 21 years.  He and his wife have two children and four grandchildren. They live in north Ogden with a cat who doesn’t like Craig one single bit.  He has also been a part of the Christmas Village Committee for many years and is a huge part of the Village's success.