Volunteer Partnership

Program Summary

Under the Volunteer Partnership Program, volunteer groups, or organizations may obtain financial assistance up to $1,000 in the form of a grant for property improvement projects. The goal of the program is to help individual homeowners with visible improvements to their properties, and to beautify neighborhoods, by building and using volunteer partnerships.


Eligible volunteer groups or organizations may submit a Volunteer Partnership Program application to the Ogden City office located at the address listed below.  Multiple projects may be included in one application. The application will include a detailed scope of work for each volunteer partnership project.  Applications will be reviewed by Ogden City staff to assess project needs and best use of Ogden City funds, and the level of funding to be approved. 

Once a volunteer partnership project is approved, Ogden City staff will meet with the volunteer organizers to develop a final budget, schedule and plan of action.  Ogden City will enter into a grant agreement with the volunteer group or organization. Ogden City funds will only be disbursed for materials and supplies, or contractors for service, with supporting documentation.


Maximum Grant Amount: $1,000, based upon eligible scope of work and available funds.

2. Uses of Funds: Funds may be used to pay for materials and equipment, as well as to pay for contracted work which the volunteers are not qualified to perform. Volunteer labor is not eligible for reimbursement.

3. Disbursement: Funds are paid to vendors, suppliers, and contractors. Upon prior approval, funds may reimburse a volunteer committee member for documented costs paid to vendors, suppliers, or contractors.

CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Partnership Program Guidelines