Fire Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ogden City Fire Department is to provide a wide range of services to the community designed to protect and preserve life, property and the environment through planning, prevention, education, and response. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of these services.



  • Fire Prevention Division provides code enforcement, Boots and Bunker Clown fire and injury prevention program, fire investigation of origin and cause, with coordination with law enforcement for suspected arson investigations for potential prosecution. 
  • Fire incident response through the Fire Operations division led by a Shift Battalion Chief.
  • Comprehensive Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Service program consisting of first response, intermediate ambulance service, regional ALS paramedic squad service, and hospital and health care interfacility ambulance transport service.
  • Hazardous Material Response Team coordinated through interlocal agreement with other fire departments in Weber County to ensure county-wide service capability.
  • Technical Rescue Response team in conjunction with five area fire departments for county-wide service delivery through interlocal agreement.
  • Aircraft Rescue Firefighting in coordination with our local municipal airport and surrounding fire departments.
  • Tactical SWAT firefighter/paramedics assigned to our county-wide law enforcement SWAT team.  
  • Wildland Interface Fire Suppression/Mitigation in coordination with local fire departments, County, State, and Federal resources.

Additional Services

  • Affiliation by department assignment to FEMA’s designated Utah Task Force 1 special rescue team for national deployment.
  • Participate in Automatic, Reciprocal, and Mutual Aid agreements with partner fire departments in our area for structure fires, hazardous material response, and technical rescue response. 
  • Coordination of delivery of county-wide paramedic rescue service with two other fire departments to ensure coverage throughout Weber County.
  • Provide Interfacility ambulance transport service whereby patients may be taken to neighboring states such as Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.
  • Partner with neighboring communities of Plain City and Washington Terrace in the provision of ambulance transport services.
  • Fire Training Battalion Chief who coordinates in-department and county wide fire training with neighboring departments. Assists with recruitment fairs and entry level hiring.
  • Fire Emergency Manager Battalion Chief responsible for developing emergency operations planning of prevention, mitigation, response and recovery/resumption operations within the City of Ogden.
  • Remainder of Fire Administration providing Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives for successful direction of development of quality service delivery with a focus on Committed to Excellence! 

 To contact the Ogden Fire Department please call 801-629-8074 or fax 801-629-8065.