Energy Wise Ogden Strategic Implementation Plan

“The Energy Wise Strategic Implementation Plan is designed to enhance economic stability, protect our quality of life, and preserve Ogden’s rich natural environment. We look forward to working in close collaboration with Ogden businesses, residents, and local nonprofits to help achieve our ambitious goals.”

- Council Member Marcia White

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This Energy Wise Ogden Strategic Implementation Plan is the primary outcome of the Utah Energy Wise Communities initiative. The Plan serves as the strategy for Ogden City, residents, businesses, and community and business organizations to follow to reduce energy consumption and improve community resilience. Read the plan.

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The purpose of Utah Energy Wise Communities is to reduce energy consumption and utility costs for residents, businesses, and low-income users. Ogden was selected as the first Utah Energy Wise Community, with a goal of becoming the model for other communities to follow. Ogden was chosen by OED for its commitment to affordable and safe housing for residents, income diversity, and aging and historic infrastructure.

Ogden is receiving grants from the Energy Wise Communities to assist in developing an Ogden Energy Efficiency and Resiliency Plan. This will include efficiency best practices, and financing and assistance programs. All of these will assist in the implementation of the overall plan.  

This program focuses on cost-effective ways to reduce energy use through existing and possibly new programs to help the city, residents, and businesses to use more energy-efficient technologies. To increase their efforts in plan development, Utah Clean Energy is partnering with: Ogden City, the Utah Office of Energy Development, Dominion Energy, and Rocky Mountain Power. These partnerships are critical to the success of the program.


October 2017 - The City Council was contacted by representatives of Utah Clean Energy with regards to applying for federal grant funds to create and support an energy related program in Utah.

January 2018 - The Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED) submitted a proposal to the U.S Department of Energy’s (USDE) State Energy Program. Utah Clean Energy and OED asked for funds to develop a program to assist local governments in their efforts to advance energy efficiency and resiliency in their communities.

September 2018 - OED was notified that the USDE had selected their project for grant funding. Afterwards, UCE met with the steering committee and worked with the utilities to get the baseline data, which is reflected in the plan.

July 2020 - The Energy Wise Ogden Strategic Implementation Plan was finalized and published.

Energy Wise Ogden Program Timeline

Expectations for Ogden:

This program will provide long-term energy savings for Ogden City, fewer emissions from more efficient buildings, and easier avenues for communities to work with state and local utilities. It is anticipated that this project will increase energy resiliency and create job opportunities in the Ogden community.