As Make Ogden proposes new residential and commercial development that will bring more people downtown, where is everyone going to park their vehicles?
  • During peak parking, about mid-day, there are some facilities or blocks downtown where parking reaches or exceeds the effective capacity threshold (more than 85% -- which negatively impacts accessibility, and some businesses believe the congested parking is hurting their business). 
  • The City's positive upcoming Make Ogden developments – including the WonderBlock development, will dramatically add residences/businesses/employees and enhance our overall economic vitality, and will also overwhelm existing parking capacity.
  • The redevelopment initiatives associated with the Make Ogden Plan will:
    • Reduce existing surface parking,
    • Increase business and residential activities,
    • Increase the existing problem of limited prime retail spaces on 25th Street, and
    • Increase the overall parking demand and need for related new parking structures. 

Therefore, the city is developing a parking management strategy that will support planned development downtown and enhance transportation access for visitors, residents and businesses. 

  • Additional parking structures and investments to improve existing parking facilities are indeed planned as part of the WonderBlock development and in support of other downtown developments. Supportive parking structures as recommended in the recent parking study completed by the city, with easy access to pedestrians and residential/commercial/retail areas, are significant investments in the future development of downtown Ogden. 
  • Structured parking will support a greater density and quality of development throughout downtown, replacing many of the current surface parking lots that consume a significant amount of property with better utilized space that benefits the whole community. 
  • The web page, provides a summary of the work that has been done thus far regarding parking plans, including the recently completed Parking Study, the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions. The site also provides a feedback link for ideas and comments. 

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13. As Make Ogden proposes new residential and commercial development that will bring more people downtown, where is everyone going to park their vehicles?
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