Why is it important that Ogden City be involved in development activities, such as those proposed in the Make Ogden downtown master plan?
  • Ogden City has limited growth opportunities as it is geographically surrounded by other communities, which increases the importance of maximizing any vacant or underutilized properties within the city (densifying downtown) to their best use in terms of serving community needs and creating value to help sustain the city economically.
  • Most of the properties that the city has purchased (via the city redevelopment agency) are sites that were blighted and had significant barriers to redevelopment, and the likelihood for private investment and development to meet city needs was very limited. Often, the costs for demolition or site remediation discouraged private investment to the level needed, and sites/buildings would otherwise remain neglected and unusable for years.
  • In such cases, the city’s involvement in improving the sites and preparing for redevelopment projects is the key to creating positive outcomes for the community.
  • As an example, Ogden City previously invested in the infrastructure to prepare the current Business Depot Ogden business park, making it attractive for additional private investment. As a result, the entire community now benefits from a significant annual return on that investment that helps support the city overall. Without the city’s involvement, the area would likely have only realized a fraction of its potential as a major economic powerhouse that it represents for our entire region. 

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1. What is the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and how were/are citizens involved in its development and implementation?
2. How do downtown enhancements proposed by Make Ogden relate to supporting/attracting the economic advantages associated with aerospace/national security businesses (defense ecosystem)?
3. How are the plans associated with Make Ogden going to make it more affordable to live in and do business in Ogden?
4. Why is it important that Ogden City be involved in development activities, such as those proposed in the Make Ogden downtown master plan?
5. What is the City’s perspective on the potential for the implementation of the Make Ogden downtown master plan resulting in gentrification of the area?
6. Are energy efficiencies integrated into the Make Ogden development plans?
7. What process does the City Redevelopment Agency use to determine what developer to work with for a development?
8. Will property taxes for citizens/property owners go up because the City is spending money on development projects related to Make Ogden?
9. There has been a lot of talk about one of the first Make Ogden development projects – WonderBlock. Why is the WonderBlock development considered a better/more resilient project than previous projects?
10. Make Ogden proposes dramatically increasing the number of residences downtown. What is the advantage of living in downtown Ogden – such as at WonderBlock?
11. How will Make Ogden help attract visitors to Ogden?
12. How does Make Ogden support downtown retail?
13. As Make Ogden proposes new residential and commercial development that will bring more people downtown, where is everyone going to park their vehicles?
14. Where do I find out more information about Make Ogden?