What is the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and how were/are citizens involved in its development and implementation?
  • After several years of planning, including extensive public input, Ogden City’s Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan was adopted in 2020 – establishing a 25-year vision to guide growth and development of downtown Ogden. 
  • The primary purposes of the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan are to increase the City’s capacity to build sustainable economic vitality going forward, and to enhance the attractiveness of downtown by increasing the number of jobs, housing options, pedestrian activity, public transportation, one-of-a-kind stores/restaurants/venues, and the overall downtown experience – all powerful economic factors that will improve the lives of residents and bolster the City’s financial health and prosperity for generations to come. 
  • The six tenets of the Make OgdenDowntown Master Plan include:
    • Real Estate and Land Use
    • Historic and Cultural Assets
    • Transportation and Mobility
    • Parks and Open Space
    • Social Equity
    • Essential Services

These tenets (all critical for the success of downtown Ogden and focused on simultaneously) will be addressed through an orchestrated effort to promote the infill of the downtown core, preserve and enhance historic assets, attract employment, improve access to social services and amenities, coordinate public transit and open space systems, and provide variety and equity in housing opportunity.

  • Currently, Ogden City Community and Economic Development is moving forward with several projects related to “Episode 1” of Make Ogden, including the WonderBlock Development, plans for an enhanced Union Station and surrounding campus, and a Downtown Parking Management System. 
  • Regular community events are currently ongoing to update the public on the status of the development activities associated with Make Ogden, and to solicit ideas that might improve implementation.

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1. What is the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and how were/are citizens involved in its development and implementation?
2. How do downtown enhancements proposed by Make Ogden relate to supporting/attracting the economic advantages associated with aerospace/national security businesses (defense ecosystem)?
3. How are the plans associated with Make Ogden going to make it more affordable to live in and do business in Ogden?
4. Why is it important that Ogden City be involved in development activities, such as those proposed in the Make Ogden downtown master plan?
5. What is the City’s perspective on the potential for the implementation of the Make Ogden downtown master plan resulting in gentrification of the area?
6. Are energy efficiencies integrated into the Make Ogden development plans?
7. What process does the City Redevelopment Agency use to determine what developer to work with for a development?
8. Will property taxes for citizens/property owners go up because the City is spending money on development projects related to Make Ogden?
9. There has been a lot of talk about one of the first Make Ogden development projects – WonderBlock. Why is the WonderBlock development considered a better/more resilient project than previous projects?
10. Make Ogden proposes dramatically increasing the number of residences downtown. What is the advantage of living in downtown Ogden – such as at WonderBlock?
11. How will Make Ogden help attract visitors to Ogden?
12. How does Make Ogden support downtown retail?
13. As Make Ogden proposes new residential and commercial development that will bring more people downtown, where is everyone going to park their vehicles?
14. Where do I find out more information about Make Ogden?