Who will own the WonderBlock development?
  • The WonderBlock development would be a private/public partnership between the developer, J. Fisher Companies, and Ogden City Redevelopment Agency (RDA).
  • J. Fisher Companies and the City RDA will own the WonderBlock development, and J. Fisher Companies will operate the associated residential, retail, commercial, grocery and hospitality spaces. 
  • If the WonderBlock development is sold in the future, the City RDA will receive an agreed upon portion of the sale proceeds that can be used to satisfy some/all of the outstanding initial investment, as determined by the project’s performance.
  • The parking structures located at WonderBlock will be owned and operated by the Ogden City Municipal Building Authority (MBA).

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1. Why is the redevelopment project called WonderBlock?
2. What is included in the WonderBlock development?
3. Why did the City Redevelopment Agency purchase the former Hostess/Wonder Bread property – now referred to as WonderBlock?
4. What is the Make Ogden Downtown Master Plan, and how does WonderBlock help achieve the plan objectives?
5. Why is the City Redevelopment Agency proposing to partner with a private developer to facilitate the WonderBlock development?
6. What process did the City RDA use to determine what developer to work with for the development?
7. What would happen if the City Redevelopment Agency (RDA) did not actively pursue and engage in developing the empty site proposed for the WonderBlock Development?
8. Who will own the WonderBlock development?
9. How much will WonderBlock cost to build and who is paying for it?
10. How much will the public parking system improvements downtown and the new parking structures at WonderBlock cost and how will it be paid for?
11. Will property taxes for citizens/property owners go up because the City is spending money on the WonderBlock development?
12. What will be some of the advantages of being a resident living at WonderBlock?
13. How will WonderBlock help attract visitors to Ogden?
14. How does WonderBlock support downtown retail?
15. Why is the WonderBlock development considered a better/more resilient project than some previous or potential projects?
16. With all of the new residential and commercial development bringing more people to downtown Ogden, where is everyone going to park their vehicles?
17. Where do I find out more information about WonderBlock?