What have other communities experienced when implementing paid parking?

In most communities, some businesses initially felt that pay parking would be inconvenient, discourage potential customers and employees, and reduce competitiveness with suburban retail offing free parking (malls, etc.). 


  • Of the most economically vibrant downtowns, almost all support pay/managed public parking as a way of enhancing business.
  • Pay parking is almost universal in major cities (Salt Lake, Denver, Phoenix).
  • Pay parking is also frequently found in small cities and tourist-friendly destinations (Park City, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Manitou Springs, Rapid City, Flagstaff).

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1. Do we really have a parking problem in downtown Ogden?
2. How will businesses benefit from managed parking?
3. Why does the City need to change or increase parking capacity downtown?
4. How did the City determine current and future parking needs?
5. What did the recent parking study recommend?
6. What are the advantages of paid parking systems?
7. What have other communities experienced when implementing paid parking?
8. What parking rates are planned?
9. What is the City's current plan for parking?
10. How will the City implement paid parking?
11. How much will the new parking structures and other public parking system improvements cost?
12. Will parking revenues cover the costs to improve and operate the parking system?
13. How will the paid parking system work?
14. Have initial concessions been considered to allow everyone to get used to the new paid parking system?
15. Do the parking use projections consider public transit/BRT trends?
16. What does free parking have to do with social equity?
17. How will managed paid parking impact residential neighborhoods adjacent to downtown?
18. Have accessibility policies been considered as part of the parking system?
19. How will the City manage the parking system?
20. Has there been any feedback from businesses/stakeholders?
21. How can I provide input into the parking plans?