Water Taste & Odor

Water Issues

Unfortunately from time to time some residents may experience discoloration, odor, or foul taste in their tap water.


Discoloration may occur if the rate of flow is disturbed, for instance if a fire hydrant or water main valve is opened. It can also come from the internal piping of a resident's own home. In either case, the discoloration comes from a stirring of rust and sediment within the pipe, and it still safe to drink though it may be unappealing. Open the faucet and let the water run until it appears clear in color before drinking.

Water Taste & Odor

During the summer months, tap water may sometimes have an unpleasant smell or taste. This happens when the water level in Pineview Reservoir is low during a hot dry summer, and is caused from the flourishing plant life in the water. The water treatment facility uses various techniques to help lessen the intensity, but sometimes those techniques cannot fully eliminate taste and odor. The water is still safe to drink, and the temporary problem goes away with the changing of the season and the weather.

Reporting Issues

Residents who experience discolored water or objectionable tastes and odors for a prolonged period may contact the Water Utility department at 801-629-8321. Be prepared to report the day and time you first noticed the problem, whether it affects both the hot and cold tap water, if you have recently installed a water heater, and if others in the neighborhood are experiencing the same issues.