System History

Ogden's water system is massive and the system is aging. Approximately 50% of the City's pipe system was installed more than 50 years ago. A nearly 100-year-old pipeline that ran through the canyon was replaced this past year.


Ogden City Water works diligently to maintain our system. Repairs are planned yearly to address the portions of our infrastructure that most need replacement to assure excellent service to our Citizens and avoid water loss.


Emergency leaks occur within our system both on water mains and lateral service lines. Ogden City crews repair the City pipes that fall under Ogden City's ownership as those leaks occur. Our hard working crews respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. Over the last year they have repaired over 300 leaks.

Repairing Leaks

All leaks are repaired as soon as possible. Because we often have multiple leaks in need of repair it is necessary to prioritize them based on the severity of the leak. Small leaks may need to be scheduled for repair in a few days. These types of leaks are barricaded, monitored and repaired when the more severe leaks are completed.

Shut Down

When repairing leaks we try not to shut down the water mains or laterals, repairing them under water pressure. In some cases we have no choice but to shut down a water main, called out as an emergency shut down. When emergency leaks such as these are reported our top priority is to get the leaking water shut down. This is to assure there is limited damage to the roads and surrounding areas.

For the safety of our crews and the public, crews will typically shut down a whole section of road to make repairs. On multi-lane or State roads crews will divert traffic and keep the road open unless emergency situations prevent this from occurring.

Reported Outages

Due to the urgency, property owners cannot be notified in advance of an emergency shut down. All outages are promptly reported on our website along with any information we have as to time frames for the necessary repairs.