Utility Billing

Helping Customers

Ogden City Utilities customer service office oversees over 23,000 utility accounts. We are happy to help customers establish services for properties they have purchased, update mailing addresses or account information, assist with options such as auto pay or equal pay applications.

    1. Application for Service

      Ogden City requires the recorded owner of the property be signed for the utilities we provide.

    2. Billing

      Ogden City Public Utilities Division provides a detailed monthly bill for all city-supplied utilities which includes water, storm water, sanitary sewer, and refuse.

    3. Line Kills & Hydrant Rental Program

      Ogden City Utilities has an established program for line kills and for hydrant meter rentals.

    4. Payment Options

      Ogden City offers you several payment options for remitting payment for utilities.

    5. Rates & Discounts

      Residential and commercial water rates are based on the gallons of water used, meter size, a base rate and whether you have secondary water.

    6. Water Leaks on Your Property

      Ogden City Water is responsible for maintaining and replacing City owned water mains throughout its service area, while property owners are responsible for private mains, service lines and meter pits at their service address.


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