Garbage & Recycling

A summary of Ogden City garbage and recycling services includes:

  • Weekly curbside garbage collection.
  • Curbside Recycling Services have been reinstated - read more
  • Year round operation of a green waste drop-off site.
  • Oversight of the year-round Dial-A-Dumpster program.
  • Distribution and maintenance of garbage and recycling carts.
Garbage Truck

If you overfill your cart and the attached lid won't close completely, you can replace your cart  with a larger one or have an additional cart delivered to you (charges and terms of service will apply).

If you put unapproved or prohibited materials in your cart, your carts may be removed and your service terminated, in whole or in part.

It is against the law to tamper with any cart or its contents, remove the contents of any automatic cart, or move an automatic cart from the location where the same has been placed for collection.

If  carts are in need of repair or replacement, please click link: Replace Carts 

Handling & Management Practices - Guidance Manual  

Waste comes from a variety of sources such as individuals, homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and industries. Improper handling and disposal of waste can harm the environment. Therefore, managing waste properly is a shared responsibility of the whole community. The purpose of this document is to give guidance on local disposal methods for different types of waste that may be generated in Ogden City.