Flex Industrial Zone

Flex industrial buildingA petitioner is proposing to add a new Flex Industrial Zone so it can rezone the property west of the airport and develop the property into a small business park.   The proposed Flex Industrial Zone would allow buildings that provide leasable space called flex space.  These types of buildings are built to accommodate businesses that need the flexibility to have office space, retail space, and warehouse or light manufacturing space.  This type of development has become popular because it allows a variety of commercial and light manufacturing uses within the same building.  Flex buildings also allow a business the ability to adapt the space to fit their needs as their business evolves.  Business types that frequently use flex space include light manufacturing and assembly, indoor commercial, construction contractor trades, warehousing and distribution, and small-scale production, fabrication, assembly, or processing activities.

The Ogden Planning Commission considered this amendment at their December 6, 2023 meeting and recommended approval.  See the link below for more information.

Flex Industrial Zone Planning Commission report December 6, 2023

The Ogden City Council will consider this amendment at a later date.