C-2/CP-2 Zone Uses Adjacent to Residential

Gas StationThe C-2/CP-2 Community Commercial zone allows certain commercial uses.  Many C-2/CP-2 zoned properties are adjacent to residential zones.  Ogden recently adopted an ordinance that provides additional protections to adjacent residential areas from these uses, such as auto service stations, auto lube and oil centers, car washes, fireworks stands, outdoor batting cages, and waterslides.

The Ogden City Council adopted the ordinance on November 7, 2023.  See the links below.

C-2/CP-2 Uses Ordinance 2023-59

C-2/CP-2 Uses - November 7, 2023 City Council Report

You find more information on this project by contacting the Ogden City Planning Division at planning@ogdencity.com or (801) 629-8922.  

C-2 and CP-2 Zoning Map