2022 Archived Bids and Tabulations


To allow for quick browsing of archived bids and tabulations.  All items are in chronological order, with the most recent at the top.  Archives are populated for one-year on this page.


Invitation to Bid - 184 N Harrison Blvd Rehab Construction Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 815 22nd Street, Ogden (Closed) 

 Invitation to Bid - 665 Kershaw St - REHAB  

Invitation to Bid - 919 Rushton Street (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 2365 Jackson Ave (Construction of Single Family Residence) (Closed)

2968 Porter Ave - Rehab Construction Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 15th Grant to Lincoln Ave Storm Project (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - 22nd St Harrison to Fillmore Storm Project (Closed)

Request for Bid - Adlumin-Snapshot 365 (Closed)

Request for Proposal - 2022 Ambulance Purchase (1-4 Units) (Closed)

Request for Qualifications - Airport Planning - Submission of the OGD Airport Layout Plan (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Airport Taxiway & Access Rd Project (West Side Development Improvements Project Manual) (Closed)

Request for Bid - Arista Networking Equipment (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Construction of Two (2) Single-Family Homes at 2831 & 2839 Monroe Blvd, Ogden (Closed)

Request for Proposals - Construction Manager / General Contractor (CM/GC) Services - Ogden Airport Terminal Expansion Project (Closed)

Addendum 1 - Request for Proposal - Consulting Services for Oversight and Compliance - American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 & Other Related Grant Funds  (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Culinary Waterline Welding & Emergency Repair Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Daily Maintenance Services for Downtown Ogden's Outdoor Containerized Plantings (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Demolition Contract, 1775 & 1781 Washington Blvd (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - East Central ROW Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - EN004A Monroe Sidewalk (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Professional Engineering Services (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Hangar 755 ReRoof Project  (Closed)

Request for Proposal - HOME-ARP Subrecipient  (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Indoor / Outdoor LED Screen Purchase for Union Station (Closed) 

Request for Proposal - Mail and Printing Services (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Maintenance Testing and Operation of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems at Various Locations (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Material Supply Contract (Stone Chips, Ceramic Chips, Chip Seal Oil and Tack Oil) Closed

Request for Bid - Microsoft Azure Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Municipal Vehicle Leasing Services (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Ogden Airport Road Sewer Improvements (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Replacement of Commercial Overhead Doors at the Ogden City Francom Public Safety Center (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Pest Control Services Contract (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Professional Design Services (Channel, River, Riparian, Storm, and Flood Related Projects) (Closed)

Request for Bid - Polyblend Polymer Feed System (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Public Defender Services (Closed)

Request for Proposal - Renovation of the Ogden City Municipal Building 5th Floor (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Replacement of Commercial Overhead Doors at the Ogden City Francom Public Safety Center (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Quincy Ave Sewer Improvements 23rd to 24th (Closed)

Request for Bid - Sophos Intercept Central (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - State Pedestrian Project - Wall Ave:S/o 2nd St (Closed)

Invitation to Bid -  CD061 - Sycamore Cove, 2335 Quincy Ave [Utility & Street Improvements] (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Underground Utility Work - 2831 & 2839 Monroe Blvd. (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - Utility Improvement Contract - 2831 & 2839 Monroe Blvd (Closed)

Request for Bid - Verkada Purchase (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 Rushton Water Line Improvements - Contract Documents and Specifications (Closed)

Invitation to Bid - WU015 - 1100 North Water Line Phase II (Closed)