Motel Conversion Ordinance

On February 7, 2023, the Ogden City Council adopted changes to the zoning ordinance related to conversions of motels to dwelling units.  The ordinance does the following:  

  1. Require that at least fifteen percent (15%) of the dwelling units have at least one (1) bedroom, and an additional ten percent (10%) have two (2) or more bedrooms.
  2. Require certain equipment to constitute a kitchen.
  3. Require facilities with sixteen (16) or more rooms to provide twenty-four (24) hour on site management.
  4. Establish and clarify standards for open space, amenities, and architectural design.
  5. Define and clarify terms, including, without limitation, the definition of “single room occupancy.”  See the links below for more information.

The City Council adopted this ordinance at their February 7, 2023 meeting.  The Council will consider further amendments at a later date.

Adopted Ordinance 2023-7 Motel Conversions

City Council Packet on Motel Conversions