Commissioner Lundell

Kevin Lundell

Kevin Lundell is a lifelong resident of the Ogden area.  He is a doctor of chiropractic and the owner of Lundell Chiropractic. He, and his wife Jessie, also own Roy Community Fitness. Kevin has been a long time ally of the LGBTQ+ community. He and Jessie have hosted multiple LGBTQ+ fundraisers at Roy Community Fitness and hope to use their business to foster safe inclusive spaces for all people.

 In 2020 Kevin started a podcast called “Community Spread,” that started with the goal to further the conversation about racial inequality and morphed into conversations that allowed the listener to step outside of their own learned experience and into someone else's. Topics included, race, religion, LGBTQ+, adoption, disability, and more.  

 Kevin hopes to use his voice to further the mission on the Ogden City Diversity Commission.