When an Engineering Permit is Required

Engineering Permits are required whenever any excavation, paving or other improvements are being performed in the City Right-of-Way.  They are also required on large developments, and in certain locations of Business Depot Ogden (BDO)

When an Engineering Permit is NOT Required

Sprinkler and landscape repairs by the homeowner using hand tools (shovels, etc) in non-paved areas of the Right-of-Way to a depth of 12 inches or less do NOT require an Engineering Permit.  Any work done using powered or mechanized equipment requires a permit.

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Important Information for Contractors:

Working on State Roads

Directional Bore Work

Road Moratoriums


All work within the City Right-of-Way requires inspections throughout the process of the job.  For this reason, it is crucial that the contractor maintain good communication with the inspector from the time the permit is issued until the final inspection has been passed.

The primary purpose of our inspectors is to promote jobsite safety for both the contractors and the public, protect city infrastructure, as well as ensure quality workmanship and materials going into our utility pipelines, our sidewalks, gutters and streets.

"Do it Right, Do it Once"

Work is inspected according to Ogden City's Engineering Standards for Public Improvements, which meets and occasionally exceeds APWA Standards Specifications.  By focusing on the quality of work and materials, we are able to reduce the need to redo the job or repair substandard work in the future.

For more information on Inspections in the City Right-of-Way, please visit the Engineering Inspections page.

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