Building Permits & Inspections


The mission of Building Inspections is to serve owners, developers, and contractors in meeting their goals and verify code and ordinance compliance to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare.



Building Inspections issues building and related permits and inspects both new construction, remodels, tenant improvements and a variety of other construction related items.

Obligations when Land Use permits required

There are some construction or improvement activities, while not requiring a building permit, must still comply with the City Municipal Code regulations through a Land Use permit. Some of those items are:

       - Installing a driveway or an accessory vehicle parking area to your property

       - Installing a fence

       - Installing a detached accessory building to a residential property when 200 sq. ft or less in size

Some activities such as painting the exterior brick of a home in the east central community are prohibited. 

Contact the Planning Division (801-629-8922) for the requirements of these types of activities.