Course Policies and Etiquette

Overview of Course Rules

  • USGA rules govern play, except where modified by local rules.
  • All play must start from tee #1 unless otherwise directed by the golf staff.
  • Repair all ball marks on greens.
  • Replace all divots on the tees and fairways.
  • Rake all sand bunkers smooth after your shot.
  • Fairway yardage markers are 100 (red) 150 (white) and 200 (blue).
  • Each player must have their own (or rental) set of clubs and bag.
  • Players must follow the instructions from the golf staff and on-course assistants.
  • Practicing on the golf course is not permitted.
  • Play or practice of any kind is not allowed when course is closed for weather or season.

General Course Policies

  • All golfers must register in the golf shop and retain the proper receipt before beginning play.
  • Spectators over the age of 3 are ok but must pay cart fees if they ride.
  • Rude behavior or abusive treatment of staff or other golfers will not be tolerated. Violators may be asked to leave the property without a refund.
  • The law provides that injury to persons and damage to property caused by a golf shot is the sole and financial responsibility of the golfer that hit the golf shot. Golf at your own risk.
  • Damage done to the golf course property is the sole and financial responsibility of the individual causing the damage.
  • For more information, please contact the Golf Course Staff

Golf Cart Guidelines

  • Players renting a motorized golf cart assume financial responsibility for any damage done the golf cart
  • Players operating a motorized golf cart must be 18 years of age or older with proof of a valid driver’s license
  • A maximum of two players and two golf bags are permitted per golf cart
  • Golf carts must remain on the cart paths near all tees and greens
  • Observe daily cart rules, signs, and cart traffic control
  • When the course is too wet from rain, Ogden Golf Courses reserve the right to restrict carts to "cart path only" status